Friday, June 8, 2012

Both Rooms Are Super Cool In My Opinion

Mara got pretty excited when she saw the finished product.

Tycho: My room is super cool and Mara's room is super lame.  Because my room has a rocket ship, so that's why it's super cool and Mara's room is super lame.

Yes, at some point in the last few months Mara started cooperating with picture-taking, but Tycho stopped cooperating.  Whadya gonna do...


cal+claire said...

Both rooms ARE super cool! I think it's so funny that Tycho says "super lame". He definitely got that one from you haha. I'm a so scared of what Rebekah Blakely will say.
OMG when did Mara get real hair? Whoa! Super cute!

pwmamaof2 said...

So, I know this is kind of a long shot , but if you guys were stationed in Ohio (specifically WPAFB), please email me. A link to my email is in my profile .
To not be weird and cryptic, my son is looking for his best friend that moved away.